Our Story

The Cube is Duke's Entrepreneurship-focused Selective Living Group (SLG) that lowers the barriers of entry to entrepreneurship and provides members with the skills and resources to pursue their own ventures.

The Cube is also dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship of any form within the community and on Duke’s campus, including social ventures.

Our alumni have gone on to create multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and have been featured on Forbes, CNN, and more.

In the News

Cube Member John Lu ('18) was named a Marshall Scholar!

We're so proud of you John and we're excited for the amazing things you'll do!

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Hult Prize Finalists

Cube Members Gaurav Uppal ('20) and Trishul Nagenalli ('20) reached the FINALS of the prestigious Hult Prize Social Entrepreneurship Challenge at Duke with their startup, EnerGenius!

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Forbes 30 Under 30

Jake Stauch, a Cube alum, was chosen for the Forbes 30 under 30 list under Games for 2018!

Jake is the founder of the startup Neuroplus, which develops brain-controlled video games aimed at helping kids with ADHD. His work has been found to be three-to-four times more effective than traditional treatments.

Tatiana Birgisson ('12), another Cube alum, was chosen for 2017 under Food.

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Our Section

Welcome to 205 Oregon Street!

This is where we live, work, hang out, and party. You can find us in the common room having dinner, playing Xbox or ping pong, or just hanging out after a long day of class.