About Us

We are Duke's Entrepreneurial Selective Living Group!

Our Story

The Cube is Duke’s student-run, entrepreneurial residential community located at 205 Oregon Street. We yearn to make a difference, are driven to execute upon and deliver great ideas, and are dedicated to learning and growing.

We aim to lower the barriers of entry to entrepreneurship and provides members with the skills and resources to pursue their own ventures. The Cube is also dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship of any form within the community and on Duke’s campus, including social ventures. Our alumni have gone on to create multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and have been featured on Forbes, CNN, and more.

What We Offer


We are a community of computer scientists, engineers, economists, business developers, and more. We provide comprehensive entrepreneurial support all the way from evaluating product-market fit to technical development.

Resources and Events

We host public and private speaking events, entrepreneurship summits, and other professional development workshops. We work closely with Duke’s entrepreneurship faculty to get our members the resources and expertise necessary to succeed. Moreover, our members and alumni are active in programs like the Duke Start-up Challenge and Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurship program.


The Cube has an extensive alumni network that have advised undergraduate Cube members in pursuing their own ventures.